Teresa Ellayne


I'm Teresa, a freelance illustrator and game artist
interested in concept art and game design.
In my free time, I like to draw fanart and play video games.

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🚧 Under Construction


C-GOL and the Beast

C-GOL and the Beast

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Beat & Feast
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Operation Meteor Shower
Pandemic Me
Save the Holidays
Space Werewolves Among Us!
Discount Dinos


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You can reach me at
for any inquiries.
Thank you!

Terms of Service

Please carefully read and understand these terms and familiarize yourself with my commission prices.


• By using my art services, you automatically agree to the following terms.
• Unless otherwise stated, the artwork is intended for non-commercial, personal use, and proper image credits must be given to me.
• Please refrain from using my art for AI purposes or uploading it to AI sites.
• The usage of my art for NFTs is strictly forbidden.
• If you have any questions, please contact me.

User Agreement

• Please do not publish or display my artwork in galleries exclusively showcasing your own works.
• Taking credit for my work as your own is not permitted.
• You may physically copy or print the artwork solely for personal use, but not for resale.
• Unless we have discussed it beforehand, please refrain from using the artwork for external projects, whether commercial or non-commercial.
• My works may not be changed, modified, edited, or used without my consent.
• Tracing of my artwork in any manner is strictly prohibited.


• You may only use the artworks in accordance with their intended usage, and I retain all rights to them.
• When showcasing or sharing the artwork publicly, please credit me by stating my username or mentioning my website URL.


• I only accept PayPal and USD currency.
• A 100% advance deposit is expected before I begin the project, unless other arrangements have been made.
• Payments are sent via PayPal Invoice unless otherwise stated. I will cover the PayPal fees as expected from the artist per PayPal ToS.
• I am not responsible for any transaction mistakes made by you.

Chargeback & Refund

• You are not permitted to initiate a chargeback for any reason.
• If you intentionally initiate a chargeback without contacting me to cancel or request a refund, you will be immediately blacklisted.
• If an issue arises with your PayPal account, triggering an unintentional refund request, please contact me to resolve the problem.
• A 100% refund can only be issued if I have not started working on the sketch.
• Once the sketching process has begun, no refunds will be provided.
• In the case of errors involving PayPal fees, taxes, and/or transfer fees, I can only refund around 80%.
• If we agree on a payment plan and I start working on the commission after the initial deposit, the initial deposit will not be refunded.


• By commissioning me, you are utilizing my services as an artist.
• I reserve the right to decline any job or client at my discretion.
• If I decide not to continue working on your project, I reserve the right to issue a refund.
• I reserve the right to display the artwork in my gallery for any purpose.
• I do not create heavy mecha, hateful, political, or any content that makes me uncomfortable.


• If no feedback is provided, I cannot be held responsible for any unsatisfactory elements in the final design.
• During the drafting stage of the commission, you may request up to two major revisions.
• Changes can only be made during the sketching stage, and color corrections will be made during the coloring process.
• Additional revisions beyond the initial two major revisions will incur fees, depending on the type of revision.
• I will not be held responsible for changes in ownership of the character.
• Any changes made to the final artwork will result in additional fees.

Private Lessons

explore the magic of art through personalized lessons ✨

Step into the world of art, where a captivating and personalized experience awaits. Immerse yourself in a crafted journey that unlocks your boundless creative potential. As your experienced instructor, I'll guide you through diverse art forms, refine techniques, and nurture your unique artistic style. Enjoy flexible scheduling and a supportive environment as we embark on a creative exploration tailored to your pace and interests.

I offer in-person and online lessons for a number of topics, including:

3D Modeling
Game Design
Graphic Design

Video Editing



(art supplies not included)


"The teacher is patient, explaining things clearly. The kid really enjoyed the lesson.""Great experience and my child was active and engaged throughout the lesson.""Our child had a great experience. The instructor, Teresa E, was engaging, friendly, and helpful.""As a parent, I appreciated the instructor moving through the games fairly quickly and getting to the content of the course. My daughter enjoyed the instruction and gladly did her 'homework' and is delighted with her bouncing ball.""The teacher is very kind and easy to talk to, and teaches the subject well. She takes the time to get to know the student and asks for questions before moving on. Very good class experience!"


If you have any questions, please fill out the form below, and I will respond as soon as possible.

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